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take it all in, the way you make me feel

He made her feel like a princess.

Not one of those fairy tale girls covered in lace or jewels with golden carriages pulled by white steeds. One of those modern princess stories of true romance igniting between two people with the purest of hearts. One of those happily ever afters between a successful business man and the well-to-do lady he met in a gallery somewhere and the silly courtship that ensured after. She was sure it sounded a little ridiculous, comparing herself and her red head to those girly novels and movies from her youth but she couldn't help it. She'd always dreamed of this kind of life and it was an incredibly experience to actually get it. So many people dreamed big and never made it, Teriyaki was aware and thankful that she had been one of the lucky few to get her wish.

He was not always a gentlemen, her prince had a sharp and cutting temper. She was not always perfect, she had a tendency to daydream and wander- a trait that seemed to cause him much grief and annoyance. But these little problems were nothing and would not stand in the way of things, she was sure of it. The positive always outweighed the negative and she was happy her life balanced out this way unlike the dysfunctional and troublesome relationships of her friends. She was certain this was only due to the stubborn strength he held inside himself and the determination he carried to see things through to their tragic ends.

As far as she could remember, she'd never seen him give up on anything. Not even once.

His quiet reflective nature intrigued her but it was impossible to pull his thoughts from him. There were mysterious people all over the world but he was one of the few truly enigmatic ones when it came to his private feelings. She did not doubt him because of this, she only worried that he took on too much by himself. But it was that selfless enduring personality that amazed and attracted her. He kept to himself and only gave out the pieces he thought others could handle, a distant gesture but a mature approach for a man so trapped and frustrated with his tampered emotions. It had to be hard, no matter how much he shrugged it off and pretended he was making progress. Especially with so many pressures and struggles on him that caused him to second guess every move he made.

Pressing a kiss to his temple, she took a moment to admire his handsome features as he slept before gentle hands shook awake her precious ruby. He was the only jewel that would ever matter in her tiara despite the numerous ones he bought her week after week. She'd never tell him this, though, knowing a belittling or rejection of his presents would be worse than asking for more.

Answering Machine

This is Teriyaki, sorry I missed you! I feel really bad about it but I'll get back to you as soon as I can if you leave me a message. Sorry again and I hope I catch your call next time! Love and kisses, Teri.

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